Saturday, February 19, 2011

Special Delivery: Scattered Tenacity

I received my order from Scattered Tenacity today, a shop on Etsy!  Communication was great, shipping was fast, and I loved the recycled packaging, so cute!

Part of it was from a map (love it) with some words of wisdom. :)

My charms came in this cute green bag with a nice note.

The charms were perfect, exactly as described.  I ordered a set of cameras and a set of sewing machines and they came with a couple extra beads. :)
Be sure to check out Scattered Tenacity's Etsy shop for so many awesome charms!

See ya!


  1. I love recycled packaging! I got a giveaway package from a wheat thins box turned inside out. So cool!

    -Tiffany Rainey with Will Write 4 Food



  2. So cute! I love recycled packaging!

  3. Very creative and cute packaging --- love those cameras! Inspires me on Etsy.

  4. Thanks for commenting! I loved the packaging and Scattered Tenacity has so many cute charms to choose from! :)