Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My beginner crochet wrap pattern

Here is my pattern for the wrap I made for my mom, blogged here.  Hopefully you can follow this, I never wrote a crochet pattern before but basically this is what I did:

Materials used:  Size K crochet hook
4 balls of Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in Rose Spray (pink)
2 balls of Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in white
4 balls of  Caron Dazzleaire  in Summer rose (dark pink)

Make a chain of 70 sts
1st row single crochet
2nd row double crochet
3rd row triple crochet 
change color 

Now every row after that will be done in triple crochet changing yarn colors every three rows.  In this wrap I have 26 stripes, that's 13 pink and 13 dark pink.

When you get to the 26th stripe, in pink, the last three rows are in reverse of the first three
triple crochet
double crochet
single crochet

Now just on the two longer sides, along the stripes I did a slip stich then went back and added the scallops.  
For the scalloped edges I did three double crochet into the first chain then a slip stitch into the next two chain stitches and repeat all the way down.

Then I just added fringe to both ends.

I hope this made sense, please leave any questions you might have in the comment box and I will help best I can. :)

Happy crocheting!


  1. It's beautiful! I wish I could crochet...

    xo Jen

  2. Very pretty colors! I should dust off my crochet hooks and see what I remember :)

  3. So cute! I love the scallops on it :) :)