Saturday, June 16, 2012

Turtle On The Path

 I went for a walk the other day and found this turtle on the path!

I was so surprised at how big he was. :)  I wonder if he had been someones pet.


What a nice surprise!

Missed camera opportunity: 
I wish I had had my camera with me the day before yesterday when we came across a shaking and screaming bush!!! It was so scary and so funny at the same time.  We heard screaming and growling and the bush was shaking violently then finally a big brown furry creature came tumbling out and I realized it was two creatures!  Groundhogs mating!  And the female was not happy about it!  She was biting and scratching and then she ran away to the other side of the trail into more bushes and he followed... And I followed.... And then the male, I assume, came back out, growling and chased me away as I screamed!  Apparently I was messin' up his "game."  Oops! 

See ya later!

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