Thursday, September 20, 2012

Don't let it happen to you!



Pointy Back!!!!! Oh my god!  What did I do wrong?!!!  I never wanna crochet another hat ever!!!


The front is fine, why did this happen?!
Well I'll tell you why.  Thanks to the ladies in the crochet group on Facebook, they informed me that every time I joined at the end of a round I added a stitch which resulted in this ugly, pointy, yucky thing.  The girls told me it's much better to keep crocheting in the round rather than joining and ending the round.... Yeah, the patterns never mentioned that... yup... Son of a B*&#$!!!!
Don't worry, happy ending!

I took it apart and did it again.  All better!

I already did two more and I'm working on another now! I'm on a hat making binge. :)

See ya later!

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  1. I really hate crocheting hates. It's awful. I can never get them right. Once I learned how to knit hats. I never went back.