Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Time Scarf

Fall is almost here and I just finished my scarf that I started LAST YEAR!  Why did it take me so long to finish it?  I have no idea.  A little bit here, a tiny tad there.  I never had a project that took me this long and it has to be the easiest pattern EVER.

It feels so warm and soft and I'm in love with the color I chose!
It's just basic garter stitch except I used a big knitting needle every few rows.

Supplies:  Homespun yarn (Mediterranean)
One pair of U.S. size 11 needles and one size 50 needle

C.O. 20 sts onto the 11's and knit 8 rows then switch to the size 50 for one row then back to the 11 and repeat until you reach your desired length. 
I know you can get the same effect with Y.O/drop but when I started this I just reeeeeally wanted to use the big needle! :)
If you would rather do it the other way here is a helpful video I found.

 In the end this scarf will be seven inches wide and mine is 90 inches long, without the fringe, if you want to go longer you will need a second skein of yarn, mine took only one with just enough for fringe.

If you chose to add fringe you will need to put a knot in the ends or over time the yarn will unravel, as shown above. 

Happy Knitting!


  1. That is just so pretty, delicate and wearable! And, so easy, too! My daughter, who is just teaching herself knitting (nearly 35 years after I first showed her how!) would just love this, especially as she's given up on a cable pattern she was determined to do! She always did try to run before walking!

    You should do some others in different colours: they'd sell really well!

  2. I can only do one really simple cable pattern but I don't use it very often b/c it takes too long, lol.
    I was thinking of making more of these in other colors I just hope it doesn't take me so long! :)

  3. Know just what you mean! I gave up knitting because I couldn't count stitches, knit and answer my dear husband at the same time. Alas, he's now not with us any more, but I've got more interested in the toys! Thanks for visiting - and for your suggested substitute names! Will definitely consider them - what about Chilled Out Kitty?