Wednesday, December 5, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday

Work in progress Wednesday!  I'm trying something new here in an attempt to blog more.  Every Wednesday I will post whatever it is I am currently working on whether it be knitting, sewing, or any type of crafting.

On my sewing table right now are the pouches I'm working on.  I posted a pic of the practice one I made on twitter and how I put the zipper in the bottom instead of the the top, lol.  Lets try to not do that again! :)

What are you working on right now?


  1. I'm actually learning to use fondant for new recipes! I tried my first christmas cupcakes, and hope to experiment some more :)

  2. I think I faved one of those pouches in your shop. They're so cool!
    Right now I'm trying to catch up (still)...Lots to do this time of year!

  3. Maria: Fondant looks so fun to create with!

    Kim: Thank you! And I know what you mean, I have sooo much to do yet. :)