Saturday, January 12, 2013

In My Bag

I'm doing one of those, what's in your bag, posts today.  
I like bags with a long strap so I can wear it cross body and it's even better when they have a few smaller pockets.

I keep some Aveeno in the pink leopard print pouch I made, along with my very favorite perfume in the world, Love Spell by Victoria Secret.  I also keep my Soft Lips chap stick, Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm, tweezers, and Ricola in that bag.  The Nintendo controller pouch I made holds my business cards and a there's a bunch of change in there too!  Then there's my cell phone, gum, wallet, pens, and Hello Kitty planner!

What are some must haves in your bag?


  1. Your bag's contents are so neatly displayed! Let's see... I have my checkbook, cell, a calendar, lotion, hand sanitizer, gum, pens, business cards and some things that need to be thrown away... It's time to clean out my bag!

  2. I'm using a totebag and it's filled with a bunch of stuff such as paper, scissors, thread, yarn, wallet, phone, pens. I don't usually need these but they always make their way into my bag somehow.

  3. I usually have a few receipts crumbled up in there too... A little sewing kit is a good idea! :)