Friday, January 11, 2013

Organized Knitting

In order to keep all my projects organized I like to put them in different bags.  These are some of the recent ones I've got that I absolutely love!  The super hero one and one of the Hello Kitty ones I found at Five Below and the other Hello Kitty I found at Target.

I also got the Hello Kitty pencil case and sticky pad from Five Below.  I like to use the case for shorter needles and hooks.

How do you organize your crafts?


  1. I have a craft closet. I have shelves and bins that I use to put all of my crafty items. It's a lot better than it used to be but I wish I was more organized. Especially with yarn. I feel like yarn is everywhere.

  2. I try to keep all my furry fabrics in one cupboard, and all the rest of them in another. Then yarns and needles etc. are in a three drawer box on wheels (or supposed to be!). They do tend to wander a bit. By the time I've finished a toy, though, I do find I have to start all over again. However, the intentions are good.