Monday, January 21, 2013

Yarn Love: Homespun Thick and Quick

As you may have realized by now I loooove Lion Brand Homespun.  Now they have it in thick and quick!  It's like they took something that was already awesome and made it super spectacularly awesome!! 

I got the Homespun from it was 50% off AND I got free shipping, woohoo!   By the time I realized it was on sale most of the colors were sold out, otherwise I would have got one of each to try.
The Angel Hair and Glow by Sensations I bought in store, also 50% off. :)  
As soon as I'm done with my special project I am sooo making something with these!

What are some of your favorite supplies?


  1. Congrats on the good deal! Joanns always has awesome coupons. I've been sewing recently so my favorite supply as of late has been cotton fabric. Always looking for something cute and modern :)

  2. I love good yarn deals. Michaels had such awesome deals during the holidays with yarn. I was in heaven.