Saturday, April 20, 2013

Reading: Herbs & Myths

On my last trip to the bookstore I picked up these two little gems!

I'm always interested in learning more about plants and what we can gain from them, Herbal Remedies was very informative!

I love mythology!  I even took mythology in high school!  I did enjoy this book, it had a little bit of mythology from all around the world not just Greek, but just a little bit, it didn't go into too much detail.  But still, I did learn things that I didn't know before as my main focus had always been Greek mythology.

*     *     *     *     *     *

Mythology - Edith Hamilton

This is the book we learned out of in high school!  After the class was over I ran out and bought my own copy, lol!  I've had this one ever since, it's one of my favorite books. :)

Read anything interesting lately?  Have a favorite book?


  1. I used to read Edith Hamilton's book when I was younger. I really loved it!!

  2. It was a great learning tool, I really enjoyed that class. :)