Wednesday, April 3, 2013

W.I.P. Wednesday: Special Order

Now that I'm done with my big project (the raven cowl) I would like to get back on track with my w.i.p. Wednesdays.

What perfect timing!  Just after I finished the cowl I got some special orders!  There was one for a cute green hat (oops, forgot to get a picture) and this order for two hat and scarf sets in Edwardian Homespun yarn and Fairy Tale Brava yarn and a scarf in Wildfire Homespun.  Almost done!  

So what are you working on right now?


  1. I haven't had too many special orders the last couple of weeks, just regular ones. Our house is chaos, though, with a bunch of simultaneous projects happening at once. :-)

  2. I'm always working on something but right now my special order is a crocheted granny afghan. The customer wants a large one so it's gonna take me a while.

  3. Paige : I know how that goes, I always have a bunch of projects going on, lol! :)

    Eyelah: I looooove afghans! I hope you post a pic when you're done!