Friday, May 17, 2013

The Green Dragon

Went to The Green Dragon with Alicia and Melissa today and it was awesome!

Random alien amongst the more "normal" items. :)

These dolls were popping up every where.  Medium ones, small ones, no faced ones.  The faceless ones were a little scary.

Kelly Osbourne what are you doing here?

Osbourne bobble head pens!

Stopped for a bite! Noms! :)

Comics just hanging out!

These eggs looked interesting, but a little too big.  I got some good fudge though!

Look at these amazing succulent arrangements!  I got the one with the red rim in front and Alicia got the yellow tea pot behind it!

Today's outfit :)

See ya!  


  1. Love the Alien! I used to be really really into aliens when I was younger. Ohh the 90s.

  2. Why was there so much Obsourne stuff? Hehehe. Looks like a rad place.

  3. I should have rescued that alien!
    I thought it was funny seeing the Osbourne stuff there, especially right next to the Amish dolls. :)