Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Basement Treasure Hunting

So after my mini trolls arrived I started wondering where all my other trolls got to.  I decided to go Treasure Troll digging in my basement and found a few, plus some other little goodies that put a smile on my face! 

First of all I have to start off with this duffle bag I found.  I long forgot I had this and fell in love all over again!

Stored my bounty in there!

I found tons of things digging through three giant blue plastic barrels but these are the things I will never get rid of!
First of course we have the troll dolls, complete with combs, then a Furby, some funny McDonald toys, and a neat ghost buster figurine.  A cool camera, a Beauty and the Beast game and some Polly pockets!

Pocket town!

When you squeeze his arm down his head pops up and his mouth drops open!  Too funny! :D

I was just so happy I found these combs to go along with my trolls!

I used to love playing this game and I remember I also had a Little Mermaid one as well, but didn't find it.  Man!

I've been crafting! Lol!  I knit a blue scarf and I crocheted a pink cape with a star button so far, and thinking about other pieces to do.  Any ideas?... And suddenly I am feeling like creepy troll lady.  Hmm, awkward... :P

Anyway!  I had a blast going through all my old stuff!  Anybody else have any old treasures you're hanging on to?  Or any awesome finds?
    *     *     *    *    *     *     * 

On a side note, I am still blogging from my phone so the pics were taken with my phone and I apologize for the not so great quality. 

See ya later!


  1. You kept your stuff so well, I remember my daughter had some of those but unfortunately hers are all gone.

  2. Luckily they were packed away so well! :)

  3. I can't believe you have a real ghostbusters action figure. I am collecting them at the moment. I have another one that the head stretches like that. So cool .

    1. I was surprised his head still went up, I remember playing with it when I was little and I'm pretty sure it was my big brothers and I "acquired" it. :)