Saturday, September 7, 2013

Reading: Relish

Relish by Lucy Knisley 
"How can you do that?!" 
"With relish!"

This book came highly recommended from Cazz of Nerd Burger.  It was in her Comic book roundup video for May 2013.   
I really enjoyed reading this!  I read it before having to go to work and all the while I was working all I could think about was cheese!  Thanks to the cheese chart I was aggressively studying, lol!
There are a few recipes in this book also, the chocolate chip recipe looks delish but its the pickle recipe I'm excited to try!  Last year my dad pickled most of the cucumbers we grew which I LOVED.  He also pickled some green tomatoes which I haven't grown a taste for yet and still make squeamish faces as I watch him eat them! :P
This year the cucumbers were fail but there are a bunch of late ripening tomatoes that are probably gonna make that jar!  Noms for dad! :)

(This made me laugh!)

For a full review of this book please check out Nerd Burger's comic book roundup video, she goes into really good detail and you will be sold, just like I was.  Really great book! :)

See ya later!


  1. This post filled my heart with joy. I'm so glad that my review helped you find a comic you like :) I can't stop smiling. How funny is the bit with the hidden porn? hehehe

    1. Poor Drew had to leave his stash behind, so funny! :)
      I'm so glad you recommended this book, I really enjoyed it!