Sunday, April 11, 2010

April update

Before Coffee can get a hair cut he had to have his shots. When he got them we found out he is a shih tzu, terrier mix :)

I've been knitting lots and lots, getting pouches ready for a craft fair coming up soon. These are just a few of the "shells" I've made so far, they still need guts (zippers and lining). I like to do that part last so I have a whole bunch to do at once.

My trusty machines. The sewing machine is a husqvarna viking and the serger, which was a present from my boyfriend ♥, is a simplicity frontier.

My dads machine! He has had it since I was little. He and Magy (my step mother) were the ones that taught me how to sew. :) My dad uses those giant, murder sissors to cut fabric, they're heavy as hell!

Magy's machine :) I'm not sure why there is tape on it, I think its cracked, but it still runs great! This is what I learned on before I got my own machines.

See ya later!
♥ ♥ ♥