Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nevermore / Dragon

It's finally finished!  I knit "The Nevermore Cowl" for a trade.  I didn't realize how much more time it takes knitting with sock yarn so I went way over my deadline!  But at last, it's done.  :)  I put so much time and work into this and I made quite a few tiny mistakes with the pattern,  I was so worried the words wouldn't be legible.   But it is!  It's wonderful!  I'm so happy!  I hope she likes it!


This is what I traded for!  Alicia makes these awesome dragons!  They sit perched on your hand and you can control the movement of there heads by the wheel at the bottom!  

I call this beautiful creature "Gypsy."  I love her purple fur with the amber eyes and she has such pretty horns!

Hopefully Alicia will have some up for sale soon!  I've seen the other ones she has made so far and they are awesome!

What do you think?  Isn't it cool?!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Academy & Aquarium

Yesterday was a really fun day!  I went to The Academy Of Natural Sciences and the Adventure Aquarium!  Here are some of my favorite pictures!  Sort of a little photo dump... Alright, sort of a big one.

First, The Academy Of Natural Sciences of Drexel University!
(Philadelphia, PA)

The butterfly and insect displays were one of my favorite things!

I loved the jarred specimens!

My eyes bugged out when I was looking at this, lol! :)

There was a room of live butterflies that we got to walk through as they just flew all around us!  But the room was filled with a mist so most of my pictures were really bad except for this one which I just love!

Taxidermy parts!

My souvenirs!  I loved the butterflies so much, I got one in the gift shop, it's called "The Orange Albatross."  I also bought a postcard with a "bird eating" spider scene on it and a miniature rock collection pencil.  I am also saving the map and the pin I had to wear while inside!
I loved this place, it was sooo awesome!  If you have a chance to go, you should!.

♥           ♥             ♥            

The Adventure Aquarium
(Camden, NJ)
I did not get as many pictures, my camera didn't do so well with the water.


I felt kinda bad for this guy, he was sticking out of a whole and flailing up and down, his mouth kept opening and closing like he was calling for help! 

Most pictures came out like this, blurry, watery, yuckyness.

The tank said this turtles name is "Ozzy." :)

The penguins were my favorite part!

The door to this room was open and by the looks of things inside, they were not suppose to be in there.  However there was a radio playing in there and these guys just couldn't help their happy feet!

There's so many more places I want to visit when the summer comes.  What trips are you planning?
See ya later!