Friday, April 22, 2011

Recycled Denim Pouch

As I mentioned in the previous post I have a tutorial for the pockets of the jeans I turned into denim yarn!

1. You will need the bottom hem of your jeans (the cuff). The back pockets. A zipper, I used the one from the jeans. 
2 & 3.  Optional, cut out the small pocket inside one of the front pockets.
4. Sew the smaller pocket onto one of the back pockets.

5. Add the zipper, make sure it is facing up.
6.  Place the cuff of your pants before sewing up the sides, this will be your wrist strap.  (I put the strap ends side by side rather than on top of each other to make it easier to sew.)
7.  Sew up all the sides.
8.  Finished!

Happy crafting!
And, Happy Earth Day! :)


  1. Love it! That is easy enough for even me : ) I used a pocket to make a tooth holder for the tooth fairy, but I used hot glue gun.{Step away from the gun} I need to put my big girl breeches on and use a sewing machine. I think using jeans as yarn is brilliant.

  2. O.k. cute pocket clutch... but also is that you in the tiny profile icon wearing a WOW shirt? I am so jealous! I played WOW a couple years ago but ended up having to give it up due to losing our computer and never got back on when we ended up getting a new one. Anyway I hope you're having fun on there (if you play)!

    Also, I found your blog through a blog team on etsy here's me I just started following you, I would LOVE it if you could follow me back!:)

  3. Thank you all for commenting! I havent been around for a while b/c I've been working alot but I realy really appreciate the feedback. :)

    DAVS: yeah thats a wow shirt. I haven't played in a while though, but I just installed it again today.

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