Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alternative Yarn (#3): Denim yarn

The last post for Alternative yarns I wrote about t-shirt yarn and that inspired me to look else where in my old clothes for yarn.  I decided to try making yarn out of an old pair of jeans.  Another great recycling project and a way to give new life to something old! :)

1. Cut off the legs of the jeans at the thigh so they're even at the top.
2. 3. & 4. Cut all around the leg creating one continuous piece however thick or thin you want, I did about half an inch wide. 
When you get to the bottom hem of the leg (the folded part) cut that off, but save it for later along with the back pockets.  I have another project I use them for and will post a tutorial for it later this week. :)

Wind up your "yarn" into balls...

... and create!  I'm knitting a rug with mine.  I bet denim yarn would make a cool tote bag too! :)

Happy Crafting!


  1. I have so many pairs of old jeans that I've been wanting to re-use in a cool way, I'm going to have to try this...