Thursday, June 20, 2013

Grounds For Sculpture

Today the trio (me, Alicia, and Melissa) went to Grounds For Sculpture!  Lots of pics!

Sheep! = yarn!! 

Hi Alicia! 

These peacocks were cute.  The one was sleeping there and it looked like the other was walking over to check on her.  She poked her with her beak till she moved! "Hey!  You okay?"

Just me goofing around!  "Umm, this is the line to the bathroom right?" :)


Hi Melissa!

She's peeing!  No, really! :D

I love this guy! 



Cool! :)

I told Alicia I was gonna bar-b-que him and he screamed at me!!!  I think he understood! :D

So pretty!  Someone said there was a white one there but we didn't find him.

On the way home we stopped at Juniper Place Yarn to check it out for the first time!  It was nice, they had a lot of pretty yarn!

Yarn love!!! 

It's sooo soft! 

That was fun! :D
See ya later!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Today is my birthday!  I'm 27!... What?? :P
I got to spend some of the day with my nephew!  I tried to teach him to say happy birthday but Jake and the never land pirates were more interesting!  So cute! ❤

Alicia gave me this skin kit for my 3DS XL!  I love it!  She got it from, they've got all kinds of skins for different electronics.  Bye bye boring red!  Hello cute little vamp girl! 

See ya later!