Friday, December 3, 2010

Better Gloves & Plastic Bags

This is my third pair of gloves, they came out much better.  The second pair came out just as nice except one was a little shorter than the other, oops!  But thats ok, I'll just keep those for myself, these pink ones are a gift for someone else. :)

I also knit some bags out of plastic bags, a coin purse wristlet with a zipper and a button toggle clutch purse.

And a coin purse wristlet with a zipper out of one whole garbage bag.  I love it! :)

Check this out, my pumpkin garland was featured on Craftster! Featured Knitting Projects - December 2010  So Happy!!! :)

See ya later!


  1. Those bags from plastic bags are so cute! I love the one with the zipper. For an assignment one semester I crocheted a wal-mart bag from wal-mart bags. it was super neat looking!

    Popping by from an etsy blog thread :)

  2. very fun bags.. and I love your photos of them!