Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yarn Love!

I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time the other day!  There isn't one around where I live so it was a little bit of a drive.  I got some cool new yarns, which I already started making something with!  I also got these awesome knitting needles, they have a pretty swirl going though the inside of them! :)

*Needle close up*

*Yarn close up*

Also, my Knit Picks order came!  I got Brava bulky in Cornflower and Tranquil and Brava worsted in Tidepool and Brindle.  I was able to get one for free while they were running the special offer, I love free yarn!! :)

See ya!

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  1. Very cool. We don't have a hobby lobby near by either and I've heard they have everything for the hobbyist and crafters and then some! Hope you're havin' a great week and thanks for the share!