Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bows and Coffee Cozies

Just a quick shop update! :)

♥ Bows ♥

♥ Coffee Cozies ♥

I've added two new things to Nuckin' Futs Knitter on Etsy!  Bows and Coffee Cozies!  I just started knitting these and I love it.  They are so quick and easy, I can't wait to make more!  I have some up now and will be posting more later this week. :)

See ya later!


  1. These are sooo super cute! Makes me want to knit...

  2. Ooo lovely! I just ordered the purple cowl from you, otherwise I'd be back over there :P~~

  3. *Gasp* That was you? (Big smile). Thank you for being my first Nuckin' Futs Knitter buyer, I hope your cowl gets there fast. I also added a little something extra, I hope you like it. :D