Monday, March 7, 2011

Plant Update

In the last plant update all the plants were doing fine and the cactus was at a stand still.  But now the cactus isn't doing so well.  Part of the top is turning brown and all the pricklies are soft.  I haven't done anything different so I'm not sure why it's doing this.

The other two plants are doing fine and I will be adding a few more plants to my little window garden soon! :)

See ya!


  1. Wonderful pics of plants and Kitty! Does your cactus sit in the window all the time? Hmmmmm, wish I had a greenthumb to help. Thanks for sharing and I enjoyed reading! Have a great week.

  2. Thank you Never Too Old!
    I leave the plants in the window in the day but at night I have to take them out, it gets too cold for them.

  3. I had one of those cacti with the red bit on top and it eventually died. When I talked to my mom about it she told me that those are made by splicing two cactus plants together and they don't last very long. I have awful luck with plants should see the state of my ficus! Oy!

  4. I love kitties! I love the sleepy pic :)