Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Knit Shamrock Pin

For St. Patrick's day I made this cute shamrock pin and tutorial. :)
I used Red Heart green yarn, U.S. size 8 knitting needles, a pin, glue, and a tapestry needle.

1.  Knit two 3 stitch i-cords.  One 6 inches long, the other 8 inches long.
2 & 3. Coil the 8 inch i-cord at both ends and sew in place using a tapestry needle.
4. Coil the 6 inch i-cord at one end leaving a "stem" at the other end.

5.  Sew the pieces together.
6. Thread your needle through the center of each coil to the outer edge and back to the center, pull the yarn tight to create the indentation in each leaf then tie off the yarn.
7. Glue a pin to the back (The side all your little knots are on from tying off)
8. Wear and enjoy!

Happy Knitting!