Friday, March 18, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Lookie what I got! :)

(rule: first give thanks and link back)

Jennifer from has presented me with the stylish blogger award!  Thank you so much Jennifer! 
Be sure to visit her blog and check out her beautiful paintings!

(rule: 7 facts)

Here are my 7 facts:
1. All the dogs I've ever had had names that started with a C, and it was a complete coincidence.  My dad pointed this out to me a little while after we named Coffee. :)

2. I learned to play guitar and piano.

3. I looove toe socks, they're super comfy!

4.  I like to ice skate.

5. I'm on a never ending search for honey almond scented products.  I can't seem to find them any where and if I do find it, it's never right.  I don't want honey almond and goats milk, or honey almond and lemon.  I just want Honey Almond! :p

6.  I have cat allergies.  I can be around them without reacting but if I hold or pet them I start sneazing and my eyes get itchy.

7. My favorite season is Autumn.

(rule: pass it on)

I am passing on the award to these terrific bloggers!

I will message these bloggers just as soon as I post this. :)


  1. I concur with numbers 6 and 7... haha.
    Congrats! Your blog is very well put together-- very lovely. Found you on EBT-- new follower in your midst.


  2. Congrats!! I too have loved your blog. Hope you've a great weekend!

  3. Thank you for this stylish award.

  4. I followed the link here from Briskmamma's blog. I'm now a new follower too! :-) Please come by and visit my backyard blogspot sometime!