Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trashy Planting

Tomorrow is Earth Day!  Here are some items that instead of throwing out I've been putting to good use:

Plastic bottles.  I cut them in half and use both the top and bottom halves as little green house domes for the newly started plants.

(banana peppers)
Ice-cream containers for the plants I plan on transferring outside later. I poke holes in the bottom for water drainage and there tops actually catch the water very well.  I haven't had one leak yet!

(cucumbers... I think)
This one was my dads doing!  It's a strawberry carton.  He added foil to keep the dirt from falling out of the holes.

And as always scrap fabric yarn!  Great for Earth Day projects!  Have I mentioned how creating alternative yarns is one of my favorite projects?  Hmm, I believe I have!  

See ya later!